Sunday, February 5, 2012


It has been quite the wild ride since I last posted here. I originally started out as a consultant for Desura to help them launch their Linux client and work with developers to get Linux games on the system, back in July. Now I manage all the games on the system and help developers get setup. Going through the beta testing of the Linux client was enjoyable and sometimes stressful as you tried to get things worked out before everyone else used it and had problems.

There has been an explosion of indie Linux games available. We are adding more and more games all the time. I am pleasantly surprised how many indie developers are now willing to make a Linux version. We have seen a lot of the old guard for Linux games join us on Desura as well. You shouldn't think it is all about money either. We have added quite a few free and open source Linux games to the system. I am glad about the number of open source projects that are turning out to support Desura.

I guess the biggest news lately was the push for the Desura client to be open source. I can now say it is open source and all of the source to the Linux and Windows client is available on GitHub. If you are a code hacker and want to dig in to the gaming client head on over and take a look and throw in some support.

I am hoping that some of the Mac open source programmers out there will take the time to port the client to Mac. We have everything setup but the UI part for getting Mac supported. We are now supporting Mac by letting users download Mac games from the website as standalone files without using a client yet. In fact any of the games will let you download a standalone version from the website if you just can't stand using a client. We are the only online store at this point that supports all three platforms.

Our Linux game titles have gotten to a nice selection. We are now the biggest online store for Linux games. I hope this will show more developers not only is there now a central location for commercial Linux games, but that there is money in releasing a Linux version. We probably won't have another Loki Games, but there are a lot of indie developers who could and should support Linux.

It should be very interesting over the next six months. If you haven't heard of Desura or used it before head on over and check us out.

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